How To Forward A Domain To Another Domain

One thing we encourage here is that you register multiple TLDs for your brand. This way, you are provided protection and keep possible competitors from creating websites off your name.

For example, say you own You would then want to register,, and at the very least! Once registered, you can then redirect your additional TLDs back to

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to forward a domain to another domain using a mangement tool that we offer.

1) Login to the RemoteITAll Platform

2) Click Domains

3) Click on the domain that you would like to redirect. 

For this example, we're going to click the   next to your domain.

5) Scroll down to DNS Host Record Management and click on it.

6) On this screen, you just have to make a few simple edits.  Under Record Type, select URL Redirect from the drop down.  Under Address, type the address where you want to redirect.  

Make sure there are no other records listed and click the Save Changes button.

Below is a screen shot of how our domain redirect looks:

The domain will now redirect to the address we have selected.
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